Worst Low-carb Foods For Weight Loss

While you may think you're making a better choice by avoiding beer and cocktails, some alcoholic beverages are still loaded with sugar.

1. Sugary Alcoholic Drinks

Mixed drinks, sweet wines, and flavored vodkas can pack a sneaky carb punch. Opt for dry wines or spirits with no added sugars instead.

Sugary Alcoholic Drinks

Bacon and sausage lovers, beware! Many processed meats contain fillers and additives that can raise your carb intake.

2. Processed Meats

Check the labels for hidden sugars and additives, and consider choosing leaner, less processed alternatives.

Processed Meats

Yes, there is such a thing as low-carb junk food. Snacks like sugar-free candies.

3. Low-carb Junk Food

But they often replace carbs with unhealthy artificial ingredients. Stick to whole, natural foods instead.

Low-carb Junk Food

Fruits are generally healthy, but some are surprisingly high in sugar.

4. High-sugar Fruits

Avoid fruits like bananas, grapes, and cherries if you're aiming for low-carb weight loss. Opt for berries, avocados, and melons instead.

High-sugar Fruits

Not all diet foods are created equal. Some are heavily processed and contain hidden carbs. 

6. Diet" Foods

Always read labels and choose real, whole foods over highly processed diet products.

Diet" Foods