The Worst Beverages for Brain Health

Indulging in high-sugar milkshakes can lead to obesity and insulin resistance, which can negatively impact your brain.

1. High-Sugar Milkshakes

Choose healthier milkshake alternatives with reduced sugar content.

Smoothies packed with sugar can cause energy crashes and hinder your ability to focus. 

2. Excessively Sweetened Smoothies

Balance your smoothie ingredients to include more fiber and natural sweetness from fruits.

Iced coffee with added sugar can be a sneaky source of excessive calories and sugar, affecting your cognitive function. 

3. Sugar-Packed Iced Coffees

Consider reducing or eliminating added sugar from your coffee to protect your brain health.

Those flavored lattes may be delicious, but the added sugar can lead to cognitive decline over time. 

4. High-Sugar Flavored Lattes

Opt for unsweetened or lightly sweetened options to enjoy your coffee without compromising your mental acuity.

Sweet tea may be a Southern favorite, but the copious amounts of sugar can harm your brain health. 

5. Excessive Sweet Tea

Opt for unsweetened varieties when possible and explore alternative ways to enjoy this classic beverage without compromising your cognitive well-being.

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