10 Protein-Rich Foods to Avoid If You Want to Lose Weight

Fried Chicken Despite being tasty and protein-rich, fried chicken is heavy in fat and salt.

Sausage Sausage tastes distinctive due to its spices, herbs, and seasonings.

Salami Processed meats like salami are cured, salted, or smoked to improve shelf life. 

Bacon  Bacon has roughly the same fat and protein per serving as lean meat. 

Hot Dogs This gives hot dogs their delicious taste but makes them heavy in calories, making weight reduction harder. 

Meal Replacement Bars These bars usually include lots of protein and calories.  These bars are convenient, but some have over 400 calories per bar.

Flavored Greek Yogurt This makes it an accessible and adaptable protein source, although popular flavored varieties may contain sugar that slows weight reduction.

Flavored Protein Oatmeal Many traditional foods are now protein-infused. Also true with flavored oatmeal, cookies, and chips. 

Protein Cookies Cookies used to lack protein, but certain varieties now include it. Getting necessary protein in a favorite dessert sounds terrific. 

Protein Shakes It's handy to grab a protein shake from the fridge and go. Some high-protein products in this category are low-calorie.

Foods High in Protein That Help You Lose Weight